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HeraldLab.com aims to find not only individuals’ history of their Last name, but also their original Coat of Arms/ Family Crests most commonly associated with your family's last name/surname. All the heraldic documents found on this website are sold by Herald Lab, a reliable company born in 1993, committed to provide the best quality products in the Last Names’ history business.  By purchasing one of our products, our customers can rest assured that behind the creation they receive, there is a real authentic and meticulous work of research realized by our experts in heraldry. It’s important to point out that our company doesn’t offer genealogy of families. The goal of our continuous research through our historical archives, is to find the origin of a given Last Name, discovering who and where it was first born and how it developed during the years up to our days. Similarly, we provide the associated Coat of Arms used by the first family who has ever had that Last Name. 

Each order reflects a customized research through our updated archives resulting in a satisfying product filled with interesting historical information and the image of the family’s Coat of Arms, nicely printed on quality paper. 

Our last name documents are authenticated by Herald Lab with an Official Seal embossed.

Herald Lab 

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